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Potential Applications of Nanomaterials in Agronomy: An African Insight.

Emerging Nanomaterials for Advanced Technologies

Mupambwa, H. A., Nciizah, A. D., Nyambo, P., Dube, E., Muchara, B., Fanadzo, M., & Hausiku, M. K.

February 2022

Agriculture is critical for attaining one of the sustainable development goals i.e. zero hunger, thus the current drive towards sustainable agricultural intensification. The aim of sustainable intensification is to increase agricultural productivity through employment of the latest technologies in reducing waste and negative environmental impacts of green revolution agriculture. Nanotechnology is developing to be a revolutionary and emerging technology which allows for the manipulation of matter at the nanoscale. Though much research still needs to be done from an agronomic perspective, nanotechnology promises the smart delivery of nanopesticides, nano-fertilizers, and nano-sensors, which have potential to compliment current technologies for sustainable intensification. This chapter presents the prospects of this emerging technology in African agronomic research and the potential economic impacts of this technology on agriculture. The chapter also highlights areas where research will be critical to complement current trends in agronomic research and smallholder farming in Africa.

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